Harnessing the 12 Musts of Marketing, we have a mission to help inspiring brands get to the next level.

Innovation First


Great marketing always begins with a great product or service.

Once you have the value right, then you can build on top of that with your marketing.

Document with a Show


Document your company, product, service, and team.

When you document with video and audio, you create an experience and have content to feed all marketing.

1-on-1 Sales & Onboarding


Sales are required for all businesses to survive.

The sale is only half of the sales process, the remaining half is setting the customer or client up for success.

Physical Sales Tools


When a prospective customer is handed a physical sales tool that connects with their needs, they begin creating a deeper bond with your brand.

Websites, Web Apps, & Apps


A website, web app, or app can be both an innovation and marketing at the same time. 

Social Media


If Twitter can help get someone elected President, then it can help your customers find you.

If misinformation can rapidly spread on Facebook, then you can also spread your brand message as well.

Use this power for good and connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Calling, Text, Email, & Direct Mail


Direct communication can provide a very personal touch when used wisely.

Public Relations (News)


When you create news, you become the news.

Do impressive things and tell the media about it.

Events & Trade Shows


Being face-to-face with people in an event setting can set your brand apart from the competition. 

To stand out at an event, you must truly have something of value inside of your product or service.

Digital ADs


Paying for digital advertisements to get to prospective customers can be cheaper and more targeted than advertisements of the past.

Physical Media ADs


Traditional styles of physical media ADs like magazines, billboards, etc are still valuable, but must come after your branding and other marketing is refined.

Don’t get ahead of yourself and set the wrong message in stone.

Word of Mouth


When your customers or clients excitedly share your brand with friends or family, then you have truly connected with them.

What We Do

We work with companies that have awesome products or services.

Brand Sidekick 1-on-1 Dedicated Creative Service

Marketing takes time and it is rare that even the smallest of marketing projects will take less than 1 month to fully complete.

On top of projects taking time, we also understand that many smaller businesses don’t have the budget or need for full-time marketing.

In order to provide the best solutions, we offer a variety of “fractional” monthly service plans that can be customized to your needs. Some clients may only need 1 month of service while others need 3, 6, 12, or ongoing service plans.

If you need full-time, we also offer that.

Brand Sidekick

40 Hour Per Week Dedicated Service
$25,000 Monthly
  • Marketing Management
  • Complete Creative Services
  • Tailored to your needs!
Vision & Innovation

We merge Advertising and Marketing to engage at the Human Level.

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